Welcome Home

By January 20, 2021News

We are so delighted for a gentleman that we are now supporting who has moved into his forever home under “transforming care” where a home has been purchased for him.

He has spent a long time away from his hometown in Plymouth in a hospital environment and has been eager to move back to his home and be near his family.

He is now living in his dream home whereby he has chosen the colours of his living areas and all the furnishings for his home.

He had a gradual introduction to all his team over the transition period and is supported by an amazing team of staff who have involved him in the process of the transition whilst his forever home was being prepared.

Their passion and commitment and amazing relationship with this gentleman has led to this fantastic outcome. There were some concerns that he would not settle initially, however since the day he moved home he has settled in so well.  His community presence has allowed him to form positive neighbourly relationships which will hopefully lead to forming friendships and natural ways of getting unpaid support. This has given him a real sense of belonging and overall happiness in the community.

Together working alongside an amazing multi-disciplinary team of professionals, he is now living his dream his “best life”.