Pioneering Independence are proud to provide bespoke packages of support – every service is developed with the individual as the focus and their specific requirements structure the subsequent support package. Teams are recruited as required, specialist training is provided and a person centered model of support is adhered to at all times.


Pioneering Independence will first complete an assessment with the individual that requires our support, in order to gather as much information on them as possible. This will be an opportunity to discuss not only their health and social care requirements, but to talk about their wants and needs, their likes and dislikes and their hopes and dreams. This information can then be used to create a proposal of how we feel we could successfully support them in the community, which we will share with all relevant parties.


Once it has been agreed that we will be working with an individual the package of support is built from scratch and tailored to their needs – at times we may identify existing employees who we feel may be suitable to support them but if required we will advertise for staff with specific skills or interests and then encourage the person receiving support to partake in the interview process.


Once a team has been identified then the fun begins – bespoke training is developed and delivered to ensure that everyone working with the individual has a good understanding of how best to support them safely and successfully within the community. Training is either provided internally, sourced externally or completed online via Social Care TV.


When an individual requires help with securing accommodation (either because their current placement has broken down, they are moving out of the family home or being discharged from hospital), Pioneering Independence are more than happy to help – we have links to a local housing provider who assist us to secure properties which are specific to the individuals requirements and have build up excellent relationships with some local landlords who are sometimes able to help source accommodation.


Each individual will be allocated a Project Coordinator who will lead their support team and be their point of contact should they need help or advice – together they will develop a Personal Agreement which will identify the expectations from the supported person and the company in regards to their package of care. Pioneering Independence will develop and review all relevant documents and these will be shared with all professionals involved – it is important that the person supported is involved throughout this process and remain at the forefront of their package of support at all times.

Care Realm

Bespoke documentation relating to the individual will be held on the companies secure database ‘Care Realm’, which employees are able to access in order to complete daily evaluations and feedback on the support that they have provided. Professionals and family members can request access to the database in order to check on the progress of the individual, which not only provides reassurance but can ensure everyone is kept updated at all times, especially for services funded externally to Plymouth. This database also allows for collected data to be correlated and any incidents or accidents are immediately flagged and emailed to senior management to address.


Pioneering Independence have a 24hr oncall service which the individuals we support are able to call in an emergency – there will always be a manager available to offer advice or reassurance.

All individuals supported by Pioneering Independence will have their packages of care continuously reviewed in order to ensure they are utilising their support to access community facilities and developing their independent living skills. The aim of the company is not just to encourage individuals to have valued lives, but to eventually have independent lives.