Dyslexia Awareness Month

By November 1, 2021News

October was dyslexia awareness month and the theme this year is Invisibility. Here at Pioneering Independence, we wanted to showcase our amazing service leaders. To make them visible and to show to everyone they are proud to be dyslexic!

Emily Humphries

I was diagnosed with dyslexia aged 11.

My biggest hurdle…struggling in school and being made to feel stupid before my diagnosis. I ended up changing school to one with much smaller classes and a teaching assistant to help me due to me being unable to focus on a large class.

Pioneering Independence are understanding of my difficulties and assist me when required, as a staff team that understand learning disabilities extremely well, I feel understood and supported.

I love working for PI, the company is so supportive of every member of staff as well as each person they support. A very approachable organization who check up on their staff, they all genuinely care. We work together as one big team, things are not left for just one person to deal with, we all work together to give everyone the best support possible, we work hard to get the best for people.

Jo Clothier

From memory I think I was about 7 when I found out I had dyslexia, I was given extra help two mornings a week at the Mannamead Centre that I attended with my grandparents this really helped me catch up to my peers as I was incredibly behind before I received the extra help.

My biggest hurdle was when I moved to secondary school, I hated feeling thick and different to all my friends so at that point I refused all intervention help and completely lost all interest in school.

My biggest achievement was completing my NVQ 2 & 3, back when I completed it work were incredibly supportive offering me extra support and time to complete my work.

The reason I enjoy working for Pioneering Independence is no two days are ever the same

Emily Thuysbaert

I found out for sure I had Dyslexia quite late in my education when I was at college at the age of 16.

My biggest hurdle has been fighting for the education I deserve, and I believe every neurodiverse child deserves.

My biggest achievement I would have to say is attending my graduation ceremony it was such an overwhelming moment, to fight through adversity and come out the other side a winner is a feeling I will never forget.

Pioneering Independence’s mission is to be supportive, and I feel they will lead the way in being a great company that promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Therefore, I love working for Pioneering Independence because I want to be involved in changing the way companies embrace learning differences, here you’re not looked at as a problem, but you are encouraged to think outside the box.

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