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By September 14, 2021News

We are delighted that a gentleman we support is beginning to settle harmoniously into his new home.

It has been a long time coming and a tedious transition from hospital to the community. However, through solid willpower from the gentleman to keep his spirits up, he is now happy in his forever home.

The transition took almost eight months to complete, where the gentleman’s was introduced to a new support team over time. The first steps of the transition were anxiety-provoking for the gentleman, considering he had been used to similar surroundings and a strong support network for almost eight years. For the transition to be successful, a slow handover was required with plenty of relationship building and reassurance.

This gradual introduction was made even more gradual due to the constraints of COVID 19. First, online meetings were arranged where the core team could meet the gentleman one by one. After getting to know his team, this transitioned into group meetings with the core support team and the gentleman. Finally, once restrictions began to lift, face-to-face meetings happened where the relationship-building could start.

During this process, the gentleman gradually got to experience his new home, which was secured before his discharge. Securing the property allowed him to get to grips with his surroundings before coming out into the community.

Before stepping foot into his new home, the gentleman was challenged to pick the furnishings. This opportunity filled the gentleman with excitement and gave him a sense of independence and freedom of choice. Thanks to his hard work and support from his new core team, all white goods, sofas, bed, storage, and most importantly, a television was acquired before moving into his home.

The gentleman has started his journey well, where he has made new friends within Pioneering Independence and is beginning to explore opportunities outside of his home. Arts and Crafts, Cooking and scouting out charity shops are his favourite things to do, and he has undoubtedly made the most of his hobbies since his discharge.

Our hopes and aspirations are sky high for this gentleman, yet we know that it will take some time to feel 100% confident in his surroundings. Nonetheless, his incredible support team and multi-disciplinary team of professionals will be there every step of the way to advise his decisions and make this transition a success!

Louis Moore

Project Manager