Making dreams a reality at Pioneering Independence.

By October 25, 2021News

At Pioneering Independence, we don’t take no for an answer. Arranging trips away for the people we support can have many complications and need in-depth planning; nonetheless, we understand that everyone deserves a break.

Richard, our Project Manager in Truro, worked tirelessly to plan a trip away for a gentleman who is an avid Chelsea FC fan. The gentleman chose two support workers who are also big football fans to accompany him to share this experience – they were just as chuffed to be going!

Packing up from Truro and entering the hustle and bustle of the big smoke was not an easy task for this individual. Yet, through reassurance from his support staff and his inner strength to overcome his anxieties, the trip will stay forever etched in his memory.

Filling his bulging suitcase, this gentleman got the train from Truro to Reading. Spending his time in Slough, he made an effortless journey from the outskirts of London into the centre.

During his time in London, the gentleman visited Madame Tussauds. Inside, he got photos posing next to his icon, Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson. After capturing these moments, the gentleman was ready to realise his dream and catch the underground to Stamford Bridge.

Whilst at the ground he spent his money in the megastore, purchasing the brand-new Chelsea shirt – there was only one name he knew he wanted, Chelsea’s record signing Romelu Lukaku.

After walking around the ground and enduring the sights of Chelsea, the gentleman took a quick pit-stop in Frankies ‘Frank Lampard’ Bar for some refreshments.

Once refreshed, accompanied by his two support workers, they took the big step into the epicentre of London. Overcoming some fears of crowded places, the brave gent walked down Pall Mall and got his photo taken next to the famous Buckingham Palace. To his delight, the flag of Great Britain was at full mast, meaning The Queen was home!

The last stop of the trip was to experience Thai food for the first time. It made no better sense than to endure the breath-taking China Town, where he filled himself with noodles and prawn crackers. 

The gentleman had the time of his life and is already planning his next trip in 2022.

At Pioneering Independence, we take pride in listening to the people we support and in doing so, we were able to give this gentleman a lifetime trip.

By Louis Moore, Project Manager.